Environmental Health Protection Unit

“Links Research is supporting Environmental health Protection with all aspects of the natural and built environment affecting human health”
“To provide support in reducing the environmental burden of disease and ensure that the health and well being of people are safeguarded from physical, chemical, biological and environmental risks and hazards thus improving the quality of their lives and their environmental settings”

Our team is expert regarding all Environmental Health Protection entities that hopefully lead to improved programs and policies with direct impact on the future health of public. Links Research Team is support on:

Environmental Degradation resulted air, water and soil contamination in Pakistan at large

(WHO, EMR, Strategy for Health and Environment, 2015-2019)

“Air Pollution (Indoor and Outdoor air pollution makes up 50% of the total damage) results in the Acute Respiratory infections and premature mortality”

“Inadequate Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (accounts for 30% of the total damage) causes 70% of water borne and diarrheal diseases “.

“Soil Degradation (accounts for 20% of the total damage) results in reduced agricultural productivity and food availability”