About Links Research

Your success, our common mission!

When the stakes are high, you need an expert end-to-end partner. Links Research is specialist consultancy in providing full range of services. We understand one size does not fit all therefore we offer personalised, smart and ground-breaking solutions for delivery of modern day health issues and research programs.

We offer flexible services tailored to clients’ requirements ranging from small organizations to some of the largest multi-national companies including Health Authorities, Foundation Trusts, Associations, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research Organizations and Biotechnology Industries. This demonstrates the way in which we adapt to the requirements of our clients whilst upholding high standards of excellence and quality. Whether it is providing fully outsourced solutions, dedicated consultancy guidance, interim personnel or conducting epidemic health & disease assessment surveys, we can assemble a flexible and bespoke team to achieve client’s project needs.

In health research industry, innovation is critical to success. We always strive to be a leader in the field by delivering ethical & regulatory solutions and our dedicated team is experienced in a wide range of therapeutic areas, national and international code of conducts and industry standards. We have exceptional project management team with relevant scientific and therapeutic expertise for client’s specific needs. Our analytical, pre-emptive, preventative operating approach helps you rest assured that your project needs are achieved within time, quality and profitability targets.

To meet these commitments, we have assembled a team with broad industry experience in the following specialist areas:

Our Values:

Our Values help us create and maintain an inclusive culture. We have four core values which guide all the decisions we make and every action we take. They are excellence, integrity, respect and diversity. Each of these values helps us to achieve great things, individually and collectively.

We strive as team to overcome hurdles with our clients to bring safe and effective medicines to patients and manage complex health and disease issues. We do this by hiring and developing right people and encouraging them to build significant long-term relationships with clients, to help remove barriers to success. We put relationships at the heart of everything we do. We are experts in identifying skills and qualities in our team and match them to our client’s needs to create successful partnerships.

We have a real passion for what we do, coupled with an eagerness to further enrich our team’s wealth of knowledge. We always provide our clients with informed opinions and use this to guide them down the path to success. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to listen to our clients’ ever-changing needs, and tailor our approach to address them. We are creative, adaptable and pragmatic problem solvers.

“We are honest and open about what we can and cannot do for our clients, allowing us to develop long-term trusting relationships with them.”